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At the helm of Catalyst Performance Consulting, is Stephanie Hartman who, for more than 19 years, has provided Leader, Team and Organization Effectiveness consultation in several industries such as: higher education, financial services, technology, construction, government and defense, agriculture, and non-profits. Both analytical and commerce-driven, Stephanie is able to cross the barriers of technical knowledge and business jargon to talk about management and organizational matters in way that feels real and relatable. She’s a straight-shooting cheerleader, enthusiastically rooting for you while debunking the beliefs that keep small business leaders playing small.

Stephanie has a Master of Science degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Lamar University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with special studies in Human Resources from St. Mary’s University. Early in her career, she worked with large companies, most notably Raytheon Company, as an internal consultant specializing in Organization Effectiveness. There she honed her ability to move fluidly among conversations with engineers, executives, and human resources to become a bridge between technical challenges and people matters. She saw how applying Change Management, Systems, and Organizational Psychology models, processes, and techniques helped leaders and organizations achieve incredible levels of performance. She came to believe that applying the same techniques she was using in a big-company environment could work just as well for small businesses.

In 2010 Stephanie got to put this theory to the test when she moved to the Columbia River Gorge. Inspired by the vibrant economy in this small-but-stunning region, Stephanie established Catalyst Performance Consulting as a way to become a meaningful part of the business community. As such she has experienced all the joys and challenges that business ownership brings and brings with her a degree of empathy and compassion than can only come from having walked in her clients’ shoes. Stephanie is great at staying present with people in emotionally-charged situations. She has the courage to say hard stuff as well as to hear it. She loves helping people gracefully handle sticky employee performance issues and figure out how to make their business dreams a reality.

Stephanie also gets energized spending time with her family and friends—especially if involves wandering through the woods, playing on the beach, shopping for vintage fashion or planning a theme party.

Some causes that matter to Stephanie include:

  • Cognition research to improve the lives of people living with Down syndrome

  • Ending abuse of power in the workplace including sexual misconduct

I’m Your Coach

  • Could you use someone not in your family or your business to console you, celebrate with you or give you a sanity check? I’m your coach.

  • Need a cheerleader, sounding board or a swift kick in the pants? I’m your coach.

  • Ready for someone to call you on your crap with love and grace? I’m your coach.