Are you a business owner who is working like a fiend just trying to keep it all going, without a plan towards an inspiring future?

Your business is surviving, but at what cost to your mind, body, and relationships? A catalyst enables a significant business reaction to proceed at a faster rate or under different conditions than otherwise possible. Are you ready for a catalyst in achieving an amazing, not-too-distant future?


Own Your Future, the Catalyst Strategic Planning process, will help you dream an inspiring future and develop a specific plan to bring the dream to life.

1)  Clarify your IDENTITY (Values, Mission and Core)

2)  Dream an INSPIRING FUTURE (Near and Long Term Vision, Milestone Timeline and Strategic Focus Areas)

3)  Analyze the CURRENT STATE (Internal Strengths and Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats)

4)  ARCHITECT the FUTURE, by identifying the required patterns of behavior of key players and strategize actions you can take to influence them

5)  Set near-term GOALS and select STRATEGIES to achieve them


Support Options

  • Private 2-day workshop for Corporate Executive Leadership Teams, Investment of $3000
  • Private 1-day workshop for small businesses or non-profit boards, Investment of $2250
  • Private 1-day workshop (or 5 Zoom sessions) for Solopreneurs or Biz Partners, Investment of $1250
  • Public 2-day retreat scheduled annually, Investment of $550 ($475 Earlybird)
  • Private Strategic Plan Accountability, Investment of $285/month
  • Own Your Future Workbook (scheduled for Q4 2018 release), Investment of $45